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The LMS functionality is something you should be uniquely aware.  Along the top of the site you will navigation which looks like:

Let's analyze the purpose of each of these.

  • About C2P - This link will take you to the Clarity 2 Prosperity site to learn more about our organization
  • Upcoming Events - This link will take you to the C2PEvents.com site to learn more about upcoming live events
  • Contact - This link is intended for use if you are running into any challenges with courses or feel you need a course made available for your use
  • Course Overviews - This link shows all courses available on the C2PTraining platform.  This is NOT intended for you to get to actual courses which you have available.  If you want to get to that location please visit the "My Courses" link
  • My Courses - This link will take you to your available courses within the system
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